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Book, stay and experience Odisha’s Belgadia Palace like royals

Two sisters from the Mayurbhanj royal family have opened their ancestral home, i.e., the Belgadia Palace, to tourists and let them enjoy their stay and experience the art and culture of the palace like royals. They aim to bring Odisha to the tourist circuit and promote tourism.

The two sisters, Mrinalika and Akshita M Bhanjdeo, are the second and third daughters of Praveen Chandra Bhanjdeo, who is the 47th ruler of the Bhanjdeo dynasty. This dynasty was formed in the princely state of Mayurbhanj, which is now a part of Odisha.

Belgadia Palace

While talking about the palace, Akshita says that the palace has something for everyone and offers visitors easy access to wildlife parks, temples, colonial heritage tours, waterfalls, and also an opportunity to interact with the tribals too.

The palace was established in 1804 and is a Victorian-style, double-storeyed building that sits on the top of a raised hill. This served as the home of Mayurbhanj royal family.

The best thing about staying in Belgadia Palace is that the family also engages with the guests. Interesting fact—the siblings will also be your tour guides and show you around. The royal sisters are of the view that visitors should come and explore Mayurbhanj, its youth and tribal people, and also get an idea about the culture and heritage of the place.

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The Belgadia Palace

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