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Bhagabat (Jagannath Das)

Atibadi Jagannatha Das needs no introduction to any Oriya, as his consummate work Bhagabat is daily read almost in every household of Orissa. In the history of Oriya literature and culture the name of Jagannatha Das has been immortalized as a leading devotee. His unique creation Srimad Bhagabat is a pioneering piece of Oriya literature. It continues of evoke spiritual feeling with an established ritual of regular recitation. Oriya Bhagabat Ghara bears ample testimony to this fact. One can hardly find a village in Orissa, where there is no Bhagabata Ghara and a house, where Jagannatha Dass unique creation Bhagabat is neither worshipped nor recited. Bhagabata is really the companion of life and death of an Oriya. For ages together this masterpiece is the illuminiser and pathfinder of knowledge and devotion of crores of Oriyas. Its universal appeal is as old as perennial now. Taking into account al these factors, it can undoubtedly be told that Bhagabat Tungi was the life or nerve center of the rural life, which can be told, was the village school, library, Judicial court, public relations and discussion of religious discourse.

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