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Bhubaneswar call girl’s interview on Odia TV channel video

Watch interview with a Bhubaneswar call girl, telecasted on an Odia TV Channel here.

This unknown girl disclosed how more and more young, educated college girls are joining prostitution. While some of them are lured into this business, there are many who are joining it willingly.

Bhubaneswar, which till a few years ago held on to middle class values, is fast emerging as a new sex destination. The city has recorded an unprecedented rise in this business. In the past couple of months, the Bhubaneswar police has arrested more than 30 call girls and pimps.

If statements made by arrested sex workers are to be believed, a good percentage of the current crop of urban prostitutes who are ‘doing well’ are into the profession of their own free will.

While some girls are forced into this profession because of financial reasons, the others go into ‘business’ to meet their aspirations of what they consider a ‘good life’.

Bhubaneswar call girl interview

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