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Bhubaneswar.me website to help visitors to explore the smart city

Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik unveiled the logo and website of Bhubaneswar Smart City Limited (BSCL) today. He also launched another website ‘Bhubaneswar.me’ which has been developed by Bhubaneswar Development Authority (BDA) and a promo video on the city for attracting visitors. Visit the website here.

This all-in-one city website showcases the city and its rich heritage, art, culture, architecture, cuisines, traditions, natural treasures, urban development and tourist information etc. for visitors planning to explore the city. The one-of-its kind portal presents a sort of visual walkthrough of the entire city with interesting photographs and videos on the city, for any visitor wishing to explore and experience Bhubaneswar.

The portal has five major segments: Explore, Experience, Stay, Taste and ‘This is Bhubaneswar’. Under explore segment detailed description with photographs can be seen on heritage circuits, temples, parks and recreation facilities, shopping centers and gateways. Similarly, visitors can experience museums, tours and shows, festivals, events and exhibitions and sports amenities in the city, envisioned as the emerging sports capital of India, by visiting the experience segment.

Visitors can find details with photographs on the best places to stay in Bhubaneswar including government accommodations, budget hotels and luxury hotels. For the foodies the portal presents the best of multi-cuisine restaurants in the city along with exclusive Odia cuisines, temple cuisines, and local sweets delicacies. To the culinary enthusiasts who wish to try preparing typical Odia dishes, the portal has a special segment under learn local in taste segment.

History and evolution of Bhubaneswar has been beautifully documented and presented under ‘This is Bhubaneswar’ which also showcases the best of art and crafts in the city along with vivid presentation of must see places in the city. This segment also provides weather, event calendar and important tourist information such as transport, emergency contacts, and safety tips along with easy communication tips for conversing in vernacular Odia language.

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bhubaneswar.me website

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