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Road in Bhubaneswar painted in checker pattern for Hockey World Cup

The Bhubaneswar Development Authority (BDA) has painted 1.5-kilometre stretch from Housing Board Square to Ram Mandir Square in checker pattern to ready the street for the ongoing .FEST (Bhubaneswar City Festival).

But road safety experts feel that the pattern poses a severe risk of accidents since the authorities have not put proper signage for it. Road safety experts feel that the checker pattern means the area or the road is a “Go Slow” zone, but it has to be marked properly with signage and public notices.

“It is a good initiative. But it is not being done in a proper manner. They can’t just assume that everybody knows about its use,” said Syed Maqbool Ali, former member of National Road Safety Council.

Commissionerate Police decided to restrict the vehicle movement on this stretch from 4pm to 12am for the ongoing .FEST at Exhibition Ground. However, the vehicles are allowed in the morning hours.

This stretch houses some of the major educational and religious institutions including Capital High School, Bhima Bhoi Blind School, Swami Nigamananda Asaan Mandir and Buddha Mandir on one side and Ekamra Haat and Exhibition Ground on the other. The stretch has a total of five speed breakers in intervals.

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