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Bhubaneswar Tribal Museum food court offers unique dishes

New food court that opened recently on the premises of the Bhubaneswar Tribal Museum near CRPF Square offers lip-smacking ethnic dishes like Mudhi Mansa, Baunsa Poda Mansa, Mandia Cake, Mandia Jau and Baunsa Kadi Sabji.

The aim behind opening the restaurant is to promote the lesser-known dishes of the state.

A number of dishes involving ridge gourd, snake gourd, broad bean, cluster bean, mango kernel and cowpea will be prepared here.

It will not only serve tribal food to visitors but also give them a glimpse of tribal culture and lifestyle.

Located in a green environment, the restaurant also provides for a perfect hangout spot.

Around 10 women from a Khurda-based self-help group have been involved to manage the restaurant.

“We opened this food court after we got a huge response to food stalls at the annual adivasi fair. We feel people love this taste and now can get it throughout the year,” said Susanta Nanda, managing director of Tribal Development Co-operative Corporation of Odisha Limited.

Bhubaneswar Tribal Museum Food Court

Mudhi Mansa – This is one of the most popular tribal dishes of the state. Mudhi Mansa is puffed rice mixed with chicken curry. It is mostly eaten as snack.

Baunsa Poda Mansa – Ofter served as a side dish, the natural aroma coming out from the tribal dish is enchanting. It is mutton cooked with bamboo shoot.

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