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Odisha man’s innovation: Bike will start only if driver wears helmet

Jitendra Sahu from Odisha’s Angul district has developed a unique helmet without wearing which a rider cannot start his motorcycle.

The helmet’s working principle is somewhat similar to that of a remote-controlled TV wherein a sensor in the helmet will help start the bike. Once a person puts on the helmet, the sensor present there comes in contact with the head, triggering it and subsequently, the bike.

Sahu received the President’s award for his innovation and Rs 50,000 cash award from the National Innovation Foundation. He is currently working on a hearing device for the deaf and mute.

“I am a grassroots innovator and work on the project with my limited knowledge. I have patent rights for my helmet project and now I am waiting for some company to take it up. I hope the government or corporate houses will come forward for further improvisation on the technology,” said Sahu.

Jitendra Sahu, who was preparing for Class XII examination when he started his venture, does not have any background in science. However, electronic products always caught his fancy. He, now, works as a contractual worker with NALCO in Angul.

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