BJD swept NAC and Municipality elections in Odisha

Odisha’s ruling Biju Janata Dal (BJD) today swept election results in eight urban local bodies – three municipalities and five notified areas (NAC) where polling was held yesterday.

The BJD won an absolute majority in Daspalla, Dharmagarh, Balimela, Tusra and Redhakhol Notified Area Councils (NAC) and three municipalities in Paradip, Belpahar and Sunabeda.

In all the eight civic bodies, BJD has been able to secure majority, state election commission sources said.

ULB Name BJD Congress BJP Independent
Daspalla NAC 13 0 1 2
Dharamgarh NAC 13 1 0 0
Tusra NAC 8 0 2 1
Redhakhol NAC 12 0 1 0
Balimela NAC 7 2 3 0
Paradip Municipality 16 2 1 0
Belpahar Municipality 16 1 2 0
Sunabeda Municipality 18 5 2 0

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