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Blue Mood odia album songs by Biebhukishore, Devdas Chhotray

Listen 8 new Odia modern songs from album ‘Blue Mood’ here. Biebhukishore sings eight new poems of Devdas Chhotray on the theme of desolation and dark dreams.

The album containing eight poems produced by Akshay Kumar Parija under Amara Muzik banner was unveiled at an event in Bhubaneswar on Friday.

Blue Mood is an act of poetic respect to the works of Devdas Chhotray, which had touched his tender chords from his adolescent days many decades ago.

“Poetry, which is mostly prose-poetry, is often without rhythm, so one looks for the internal music in those compositions. No matter however prolific the prose-poetry may look, it has a poetic content – it also brings out its own rhythm. I am happy Biebhu has done justice and the songs have come out very well,” said Devdas Chhotray.

Concept, script and poetry – Devdas Chhotray
Singer & music director – Biebhukishore
Keyboard Programming – Iraj Rath (Piku)
Drum Programming – Suraj Rath (Situ)
Guitars – Dichen Nayak (Dichi)
Sound – Tarakanta Panda
Studio – Voice Master, Bhubaneswar
Music Label – Amara Muzik

Tracklist: Sakala, Tume, Tume Dekhiba, Nida Sahita Sarta, Sabalika, Semiti Jhia, Mana Kharapa Ra Phula and Thikana.

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