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Brahma Paribartan of lord Jagannath on June 15 (Monday)

The secret ritual of ‘Brahma Paribartan’ (changing the soul) of Lord Jagannath and other idols will take place on June 15 (Monday), the Raja Sankranti day.

The Jagannath Temple administration has announced the names of daitapatis or servitors who will transfer the bramhas or souls from the present idols to the new ones.

While Jagannath Swain Mohapatra will transfer the brahma of Lord Jagannath, Ramachandra Dasmohapatra will do it for Goddess Subhadra. The Banajaga Yatra team leader Haladhar Dasmohapatra will change the brahma of Lord Balabhadra while Nabakishore Pati Mohapatra will do it for Lord Sudarshan.

Nabakalebara 2015

After Brahma Paribartan, the new idols get lives and are adorned with Pata Bastra and gold ornaments known as Saptabharan or Banaklagi, said Rabindra Narayan Mishra, a scholar in Jagannath Cult.

The day of Brahma Paribartan was decided at the Managing Committee meeting of Sri Jagannath Temple held under the chairmanship of Puri King Dibyasingha Deb.

All the servitors will be entering the premises by 8pm on June 15. All the rituals will be completed by midnight and then the process of Brahma Paribartan will start. The present idols will be buried and replaced by the new ones.

On June 27, 13 days after the ritual, the servitors, along with the temple administration, will throw a community feast for the devotees, where the Mahaprasad will be distributed.

Around 1.5 lakh devotees are expected to take part in the feast in front of the 12th century shrine. In order to meet the expense, the temple administration has urged the devotees to donate money for this cause.

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