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Budhia Singh wants to run and represent country in Olympics

Even after staying away from running for a long time, Budhia Singh’s passion for it hasn’t faded.

“I really want to run a marathon again. But no one is helping me with it. My family is helping me in every possible way but I am not getting a coach to give me proper training. My mom says if I get a coach, it will be good for us. I want to run and represent my country in Olympics,” he said.

Budhia ran almost 48 marathon with the help of his coach Biranchi Das, who nurtured him like his own son and trained him. From diet plan to his training, he was Budhia’s mentor in every way. Biranchi was murdered by a gangster in 2008. “I miss my coach… he used to take care of me. He used to give me nice training. He used to give me food also. It was only him who nurtured me. I miss him every single moment,” he said.

There were also allegations that coach Biranchi Das was putting undue pressure on Budhia to run, killing his childhood in process. Budhia, however, doesn’t look at it this way. “No, he was really very nice to me. He was only one who taught me how to run. And I don’t know if he was thinking of his own benefit or not. I was very small at that time and couldn’t understand,” he said.

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