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Odisha: Rs 100 cash reward to obey road rules and drive properly

In a first in the country, the Keonjhar district police in Odisha have launched an initiative to pay Rs 100 cash reward and give an appreciation certificate to those, who obey road rules and drive properly.

“We started the novel initiative recently and so far given the cash incentive and certificates to at least 50 good riders or drivers in the last two days. We will use the road safety fund to pay the money to the good riders,” district superintendent of police (Keonjhar) Jay Narayan Pankaj said.

The district police chief said the purpose of awarding good riders is aimed at sensitising people to obey road safety norms and minimise accidents.

It has been a standard practice across the country to target rash drivers and penalise them. “We thought of giving due recognition to good drivers. This is first time in the country that police are paying cash incentive to good drivers,” Pankaj said.

According to the initiative, the police conduct random checking on roads and examine if the driver possesses valid transport documents (driving licence and vehicle insurance), uses seat belt, biker wears helmet, sticks to speed limit, is not drunk or intoxicated and not talking on cellphone while driving.

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cash reward to obey road rules

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