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CESU wants 2 months security deposit from consumers

According to a recent CESU decision consumers of Odisha have to deposit an amount equivalent to two months of their power consumption bill on the basis of an average derived from payments made by a consumer in a year. Failing which consumers have to pay penalty at the rate of 15 percent.

The CESU (Central Electricity Supply Utility) authorities said they have been charging security deposit at regular intervals based on Odisha Electricity Regulatory Commission’s guidelines.

According to CESU sources, there are about 18.6 lakh consumers and each consumer have to pay the security deposit according to the amount of power they use. For example, if a consumer uses 1 KW power a month then he has to pay Rs 446 as security similarly for using 1.5 KW one has to pay Rs 774.

“We are also giving 8.75% interest on the two months’ security deposit to consumers which will be deducted from their bill at end of the year,” said chief executive officer of CESU Sudarshan Nayak.

Several political parties and consumers have staged protest rallies demanding withdrawal of the CESU order and threatened to move court.

In a memorandum to the government, consumers demanded it to withdraw the order for collection of two months security and 15% penal interest besides assuring round the clock power supply and redress the grievances of consumers.

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