Chaliba Ishq Odishi song by Abhijit Majumdar and Papu Pom Pom

Odia ENews released ‘Chaliba Ishq Odishi’ song from upcoming Odia film ‘Diwana Heli To Pain’ starring Riya Dey, Munna, Siddhanta, Papu, Usasi Mishra and Sritam Das.

Song – Chaliba Ishq Odishi
Singers – Abhijit Majumdar & Papu Pom Pom
Lyrics- Dr Nirmal Nayak
Music – Abhijit Majumdar

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Producer – Ashok Kumar Dash
Director – Sritam Das
DOP – Niranjan Dash
Dialogues – Ranjit Patnaik

The song ‘Chaliba Ishq Odishi’ is a beautiful masti number, sung by Abhijit Majumdar & Papu Pom Pom, composed by Abhijit Majumdar and written by Nirmal Nayak.

Watch Chaliba Ishq Odishi song studio version here.

Abhijit Majumdar and Papu Pom Pom song

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