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Chandipur beach of Odisha is hide and seek beach in India

Odisha’s Chandipur beach is considered as a mysterious hide and seek beach in India. With the seawater receding approximately 5 km during low tide and advancing to the shore during high tide every day, the beach offers a truly unique and captivating sight.

Chandipur beach gives an amazing feeling of walking into the beach. It is not just any other beach in India. The water receding activity occurs twice every day during the ebb tide. However, the timings may change as per the moon cycle.

One can actually witness the sea disappearing in front of his eyes and then coming back. Surprisingly, not many people, including the visitors are aware of this strange phenomenon of Chandipur Beach.

Chandipur beach is known for its mesmerizing Sunset which is simply a treat to the eyes when the ochre light of the setting sun spreads on the sand and the region gets divulged into the beauty of it.

Chandipur beach is also an ideal place to witness beach-combing, where one can find some pearls, seashells, tiny fishes and crabs. The Casuarina trees, sand dunes, and the crystal clear water also make it special. The experience on this beach is truly unmatchable from any other beach in India.

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Chandipur beach of Odisha

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