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Over 100 cobra babies found inside house in Odisha’s Bhadrak

Incredible it may sound but over 100 cobra babies were found inside house in Shyamapur village under Dhamnagar NAC of Odisha’s Bhadrak district on Saturday.

The cobra babies about two to three days-old have been found crawling under the floor of the mud-house of one Bijay Bhuyan, an agriculture labourer.

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Panic gripped the area after the news spread and thousands of people gathered at the spot to witness the snake babies. Forest officials and snake rescuers have launched a search operation for the adult snakes.

Sources said, in one of the six rooms inside the thatched house of Bhuyan there has been a termite hill. Bhuyan has been worshipping at the termite hill every day and also offered milk knowing that there are snakes inside it.

“The sight was unbelievable. Hundreds of baby cobras were found bundled up under the floor. But surprisingly only 26 egg shells were found from the ground. Now the main challenge is to locate the adult snakes, which may cause life threat to the residents of the locality,” said divisional forest officer of Bhadrak, Amlan Nayak.

Cobra babies found inside house in Odisha

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