Odisha: Cuttack research institute develops protein-rich Rice

Scientists of the Central Rice Research Institute (CRRI) at Cuttack in Odisha, have developed a new protein rich rice variety by cross-breeding protein rich germplasm with local high yielding rice variety called Naveen.

The rice variety has over 10.5% protein content, which is 3% more than what is found in any popular variety. The new variety is beneficial for the farmers as it’s a high yielding and is tolerant to certain diseases.

Scientists have plans to gradually increase the protein content in rice by cross breeding it with more high-yielding varieties. They said the major problem with protein-rich rice varieties is that their yield is quite low compared to other varieties. Hence, farmers are not inclined to cultivate it, they added.

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rice new variety

The variety yields over 5.5 tonne a hectare in irrigated ecosystem and is best suited for eastern region of the country.

The new variety is yet to get a name and is cleared by Variety Identification committee under Ministry of Agriculture. The Institute is planning to release the variety in coming months.

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