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Dadana odia song on life of labourers from Odisha

Dadana is a beautiful Odia song based on the living condition of labourers from Odisha, who are working in Surat, Dubai and other places.

It is sung by Pritam, composed by Soumitri Palai and written by Manash Padhiary. You can watch ‘Kahinki Sajichhu Aji Tu Dadana’ video song here.

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Almost every day the torture and exploitation of Dadana labourers are coming in newspapers. The story of these people have pathetic and heart-breaking. The struggle and suffering is very high.

These people are to work for more than twelve hours a day in adverse and life-risk conditions. They are not given full meals everyday. The living condition is not better than cattle sheds. And those who are with family their condition is more deteriorating.

In exceptional cases, if anyone goes against the will or tyranny of trafficker then his life becomes hell. He is not given to communicate with own family, his hours of work increases, amount of food decreases and physical and mental tortures rise up. These type of people are restricted to return.

Dadana odia song

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