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Dancing traffic cop in Bhubaneswar – Benudhar Sahu in action video

Benudhar Sahu, the 39-year old Home Guard with the Odisha Police is known as the dancing traffic cop in Bhubaneswar.

Known for his unique style of controlling traffic, Benudhar dances his way while controlling the traffic. His swift hand gestures and continuous whistling has made him the center of attraction.

Known as the dancing cop of Odisha, Sahu earns a paltry salary of Rs 6,600 per month but the poor pay in no way dampens his enthusiasm for duty.

Posted at one of the busiest intersections in the city, the IDBI Bank chowk traffic sees heavy vehicle flow throughout the day as it connects Sahid Nagar to Bhomikhal.

Deployed as a home guard for the last 19 years, Benudhar has a family of five to look after. But financial constraints fail to deter the ever-smiling cop. His liveliness and energy has mesmerized commuters.

Benudhar’s movements and finesse have not only attracted the people but also inspired his colleagues, who often try to imitate him.

The winner of Best of Traffic Police Award for 2014 by Police Commissionerate Bhubaneswar-Cuttack says that the smiles of small children and kind words by passerby are the reward and encouragement which keeps him going.

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