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Digital weather forecasting system at Bhubaneswar Airport

A digital weather forecasting system installed at Bhubaneswar’s Biju Patnaik International Airport and it will provide accurate data on wind, temperature and air pressure to the air traffic control (ATC) to ensure safe flying.

According to the Indian Meteorology Department (IMD), the device is called the current weather instrument system (CWIS), which has been installed near the main runway of the Bhubaneswar airport.

The Wi-Fi-based system has the capability of sending its observation automatically to the recipient (as set in its memory), so that the recipient can act according to the requirement warranted in the aviation sector.

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Earlier, the manual system was to be studied by a person for collecting data. But now, the new system can work automatically irrespective of weather conditions. It takes data from the runway area, so that the pilots can get real-time inputs. Earlier, the data used to be generated from weather observation equipment placed nearly 1km from the runway.

The CWIS is extremely helpful for pilots as it detects the exact weather conditions over the runway. As weather conditions are vulnerable to local climate, the pilot after getting the data can feed into the computers in the cockpit to take decision on landing. The pilots always have automatic computer-aided mechanism to process weather data.

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The digital weather forecasting system was installed jointly by the IMD and the Airports Authority of India (AAI). In India, there are 21 airports, where the CWIS is in place to provide weather data.

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