Dinosaur comes to life at Esplanade One mall in Bhubaneswar

Esplanade One mall in Bhubaneswar hosted three Dinosaur Robots named T Rex and Brachiosaurus to give visitors an opportunity to witness replicas of the biggest creatures that walked on earth.

“Two dinosaurs are already installed and the third one will run inside the mall to make people experience the thrill. While some screamed their lungs out, some stumbled and ran away. These installations took a team of 15 people who were working tirelessly for the last three days,” Marketing head Shyama Jha said.

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The mall also announced the schedule of ‘Summer of Happyness’, a 25-day long summer activity, which will feature tons of workshops to keep the kids busy.

Center Director of the mall Partha Nayak said, “It is challenging to keep doing something unique. We are very proud of having managed it. We are constantly striving to understand what the state’s people need and how can we deliver that experience to them.”

“With ‘Summer of Happyness’, we have attempted to turn back the clock on pre-historic times and bring back to life the dinosaurs which the kids always look up to in awe. We are sure the event and the workshops will be thoroughly enjoyed by everyone,” he added.

Dinosaur Esplanade One mall Bhubaneswar

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