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635 dishes offered to Lord Krishna on Byanjan Dwadasi in Puri mutt

In an extravagant affair, as many as 635 dishes were offered to Lord Krishna on the occasion of Byanjan Dwadasi today at the Goura Bihar mutt in Odisha’s holy town Puri.

Thirty varieties of rice, 21 kinds of dal, 13 forms of kheer, 103 vegetarian curries, 141 forms of pickles, and the list goes on. The devotees especially the foreigners, seers, local residents and saints have a pleasant time today to have the yummy prasad.

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Byanjan Dwadasi is observed on the 12th day of the bright lunar phase of the month of Margashira of the Hindu calendar. It is believed that on this day mother Jashoda used to prepare hundreds of dishes for Lord Krishna.

“Hundreds of devotees of Lord Krishna came together and prepared these dishes at the mutt. The dishes included a number of preparations made of rice, pulses and vegetables. After offering the dishes to the deities, it was served to the devotees,” said a priest of the mutt.

This is not the first time the mutt prepared a wide range of food. Last year, the mutt had prepared 555 types of dishes. The mutt authorities used huge round-shaped khali patra (leaves on which food is served) to serve these vegetarian delicacies.

Puri Byanjan Dwadasi dishes

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