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Two coloured dustbins installed in smart city Bhubaneswar

The Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) will install 3,600 dustbins at 1,800 locations across the smart city to ensure better waste management and a cleaner city.

By February 1, as many as 1,000 bins will be set up at 500 locations. Each location will have two coloured bins for waste segregation. While one bin will be used for biodegradable waste, the other one would be for recyclable waste.

The two bins will be green and blue in colour. While the green bin will be used for biodegradable waste such as vegetable peel, fruits, household kitchen waste, etc, the blue ones will be used to dump metals, glass, rags, rubber, containers, etc.

Residents will be sensitised to dump garbage in the respective bins. At present, the city has around 4,000 bins. The number will nearly double by next month with the introduction of the coloured bins.

BMC has taken the step to ensure an integrated solid waste management system. The proposed system will focus on collection, segregation and disposal of the waste at its source instead of bearing the additional cost for its transportation to the dumping yard. It will also concentrate on reduction of the amount of garbage.

“The most preferred option for solid waste management is to prevent waste generation. It will help reduce handling, treatment and disposal costs, and reduce the environmental impacts, including generation of toxic gases,” said mayor Ananta Narayan Jena.

To prevent generation of waste, the civic body plans to sensitise citizens to use reusable bags while shopping, and choose products that may be reused and returned after a single use.

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dustbins in smart city bhubaneswar

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