Interview with Elina Samantaray about casting couch and movies

In a recent interview, actress Elina Samantaray speaks about casting couch in Ollywood.

The interviewer asked Elina about her upcoming movies, success of Love Station, recently released film Jhiata Bigidigala and affair with Arindam.

Elina said,” I have no knowledge about casting couch in Odia film industry. Till now I have not faced it. But if anyone is involved in this shameful act, then law will punish him.”

“There was no such thing (affair) between me and Arindam during shooting of my debut movie. It was just a rumour. People shouldn’t believe in these things,” she added.

Elina’s this interview was telecasted on ‘Kathare Kathare’ programme of Etv News Odia.

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