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Agni Utsav 2012 Date

Agni Utsav 2012

Agni Utsav 2012 Orissa

Agni Utsav is generally celebrated in Mid January to Mid February every year. Agni Utsav date for 2012 is 7th February in Orissa.

Agni Utsav (Agira Purnima) is a festival mainly celebrated by the farmers of Orissa. The festival holds special significance for farmers as rituals associated with the festival are believed to be helpful for farmers. They believe that burning heap of straws (Kuta) on the day of Agni Utsav help them to predict about their crops in the coming year.

Females of the family start cleaning own houses a week before the festival and males collect straws (Kuta) to be burn on the Agni Utsav day. The entire village is cleaned by the people before the Agni Utsav. On the day of Agira Purnima, the gathered straws from each family are collected in the village making huge heaps of hay. Then all people gather and the heap of straws is burnt with a fire.

Agni Utsav Orissa – Agni Utsav Celebrated Video

Agni Utsav Date – Agni Utsav 2012 Orissa Celebrated

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