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Balunga Toka – New Film of Anubhav – Barsha Jodi

Balunga Toka - New Film of Anubhav - Barsha Jodi
Balunga Toka - New Movie of Anubhav - Barsha Pair

After Most Wanted, Oscar Movies now going start its second production titled as BALUNGA TOKA with Anubhav and Barsha Priyadarshini. Sudhakar Basant is signed to direct the film which has music of Abhijit Majumdar. Lyrics are written by Dr Nirmal Nayak and Nizam.

Star cast of the movie are as Minaketan, Papu Pam Pam, Priyanka Mohapatra, Pratibha Panda, Salil Mitra, Arabinda, Jiban Panda, Manoj Panda and Others. The film is targeted to be finished within 40 days. According to Prabhas, the producer the movie is planned to release on Dussehra.

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  1. Mote ehi film ra balungami bahut bhala lagila.Love story madhya bahut bhala achhi.Anubhav bhainkara balungami and Barsa didinkara balungamiku bujhiba bhali passions actually very real and nice.the role of papu bhai also so naturally. Actually I hadn’t thought that a film based on balungami in oriya will release very soon.Thank you basant uncle,bcs I am also a balungatoka.

  2. Hi ….anubhab bhai and barsa didi.Balunga toka is a nice movie.I like your beautiful jodi.Barsa didi you are looking so cute in this film.The costume of this film is so good. The music of this film also nice.I am waiting for next film of this beautiful jodi.

  3. hi, anubhav bhai & barsa…ur jodi is very great.i love ur acting,ur looking.i pray to god ur & barsa jodi always sefty .

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