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Barabati India-Australia match on Oct 26

Learning from previous mistakes, police on Thursday asked the Odisha Cricket Association (OCA) not to oversell tickets for the India-Australia ODI match at Barabati Stadium in Cuttack on October 26.

Cricket lovers get online to book seats for a ringside view of the one-day clash between M.S. Dhoni’s Team India and the Aussies at Barabati.

The Odisha Cricket Association has decided to introduce online sale of tickets for the India-Australia tie in Cuttack. The OCA will sell online 4,500 of the 20,350 tickets through Ticketgenie Solutions, a private company.

“The sale will begin from October 1. This will help cricket lovers from across the state as they need not come to the stadium for tickets,” said OCA secretary Asirbad Behera.

Chaos had prevailed during India-West Indies ODI on November 29, 2011, as people exceeding the stadium’s seating capacity gained access, leaving the police and the OCA authorities at their wits’ end. The stadium can seat 45,000 people.

“For the first time, we will introduce bar-code tickets to prevent any manipulation and duplication. Only authentic ticket-holders would be allowed to enter the stadium after thorough checking by police and private security guards,” Behera said.
Barabati India-Australia match
He said OCA would print 44,455 tickets. “The total number of tickets to be sold is 32,900, out of which 20,350 will be sold to public,” Behera said. “Altogether 12,640 tickets will be reserved for Bsponsors, members, affiliated units of OCA and Odisha Olympic Association, OCA staff, advertisers and affiliated state units of BCCI. The unsold tickets of the reserved categories would be made available to the public,” Behera said.

Sale of tickets for public would start from October 23 till the stock is exhausted. “We will engage Punjab National Bank, Bidanasi branch, Cuttack to sell the tickets. Each person will be allowed to purchase only two tickets,” Behera said. “We will shortly announce the website through which people can book tickets online,” he added.

Prices of tickets would range between Rs 200 (gallery-6, players’ concession) and Rs 10,000 (corporate box). Earlier, the price of ticket for corporate box was Rs 8,000. A ticket for gallery numbers 1,2,3 and 4 has been increased to Rs 500 from Rs 400. Similarly, a ticket for the special enclosure would cost Rs 2,000, which is rise of Rs 500 from last time.

The match has been insured for Rs 20 crore.

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