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Bhubaneswar Airport to run 24×7

Bhubaneswar International Airport will soon run operation 24 hours, 365 days in a year by extending the watch hour of air traffic control (ATC). Presently, the operation runs for 15.30 hours (from 6.30 am to 10 pm).

The airport authority of India (AAI) has agreed to the proposals of the airlines at the aerodrome corroborative decisions making (ACDM) meeting held at Kolkata recently.

“Several airline operators proposed to the AAI at the ACDM meeting to make Bhubaneswar a 24X7 airport. The AAI will assess the modalities and staff requirements necessary for round-the-clock operation,” said airport director Sharad Kumar.

The round-the-clock operation will make the airport not only a permanent ‘alternative airport’ for the nearest Kolkata airport but will also attract more international fliers after the start of international operation, which is expected in June.
Biju Patnaik Airport
Three international fliers – Silk Air (Singapore), Fly Dubai (Dubai) and Indigo (Bangkok) – have already evinced interest in starting operations from Bhubaneswar. “On a rough estimate, at least 180 passengers per day will fly to Bangkok and 150 passengers each to Dubai and Singapore from Bhubaneswar. These are all direct flights,” said a senior AAI official.

Another reason why 24 hours operation will add eminence to the city airport is that it will be a permanent alternative airport for Kolkata. “In case of emergency, every airport diverts flights to the nearest airport. Bhubaneswar is conveniently the nearest alternative airport. There are no night operation facilities in Ranchi and Patna airports either. So we have urged the AAI to facilitate 24 hours operation in Bhubaneswar,” said chairman of aerodrome operation committee (AOC) captain Sarvesh Kumar Gupta. (Source – The Times of India)

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