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Black Money in Swiss Bank mainly from India

Indian Black Money in Swiss Bank List

WikiLeaks posted in the website that – Indian money in Swiss Banks than any other nationality. We have proof regarding their names, amount and name of bank which we got from Rudolf Elmer. We have 2000 names in two discs, the major share is from India. The source of income is from project hedge, illegal share in stock market, drug deal, fake project. The deposits in Swiss Bank was started from early 70s. Major share of Indian black money routed from Pakistan. We published the link in rapidshare server, address is on port 9999 (SSL enabled). The Indian government needs to be more aggressive in tracking the black money stashed in foreign banks since Indians depositing money in foreign banks is debasing the rupee. Otherwise WikiLeaks will do the job.

Indian Black Money in Swiss Bank List
Indian Black Money in Swiss Bank List by Wiki Leaks

This site is not responsible for the truthfulness of this report. Because we got the news that WikiLeaks yet not published the report, but confirmed that there are more indian accounts in Swiss Bank than any other country.

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  1. well done… in this list mainly congress….congress is main founder of corruption in india!

  2. Few Facts:
    1. Wikileaks doesnt have this list on their site or any server with these names.
    2. If assumed that this is is not Fake, please notice that All names are from UPA govt so Do the politians in opposition are clean ? Or they know different means to store their black money than Swiss Bank.. ?
    3. Gandhi family is not Fool enough to put their with their own names or real names.. its so lame if u know some basics of these things..

    So stop fooling people who love to be emotional fools and people please Think and if u cant think at least google…

  3. oh god come and broke the nexus between beaurocrates and polr motherlandticians so we can see sparrow of gold named inda ou

  4. Names in the list are politicians and top industrilists. How nobel are they! – Money have been saved in Swiss banks so that it can be used during times of emergency or crisis in India. Top Indian politicians and industrialists who were nobel and to serve the nation have wisely chosen these banks a long time ago, as our banking system was not concrete that time (especially post 1960’s period). And I think this has been followed by many leaders as a customary to save money in Swiss banks.

    I am hoping that now India’s banking system has become very well secured and concrete, this money can be transferred under the names of the account holders to Indian banks. Although the money is still under their Indian bank account, the nations GDP will only increase. This is win-win situation for both Swiss account holder and Indian Govt. In this way atleast the Indian government can ensure that the money cirtulates within India.

    I am just hoping something good happens soon.

  5. We are very very much thankful to u for uploading this metter….Anuj Sharma from Lalitpur u.p.


  7. 11 of nov 2011 the biggest moment will held in against of black money in avery city like
    delhi- india gate
    lucknow- GPO
    so ,on i m going to take part on this and u ????????

  8. Jin bollywood star , Cricketer , aur corrupt politician nay yah money swiss bank mein deposit karvaaye hai unko salo ko FANSI honi chahye …….

  9. muje bus ek din ke liye is country ka President bana do me saro ko aisa maja chakaunga kki saat pushte yaad rakhengi

  10. all ministers and others behind black money should sentenced to be death the whole amount should distributed towards the wellfare of society.

  11. very good wikileaks…….
    the indian govt. Must pubilsh black money list in all medias in india… I m happy to known this news in wikileaks…
    thank u wikileaks

  12. Greetings. I literally bumpt into your site. It’s about time a VIP actually showed us thru this material. However, I cant pinpoint your Twitter link .. flustered! Thank-You.

  13. any one want to stop black money in india. tell me the details of hidden places of black money.

    1. Place- Urvasi Bar, Adyar, Chennai
      Near Stalin’s House
      There is twenty bags of black money mixed among the beer barrels. Check all of them. You will find.

  14. Correction: Please read the first statement above as: To socretes: In the West, you can not conduct business in fake names and false identity!!”

    1. Late sh rajiv gandhi was honest politician in india
      list of black money of rajiv gandhi is wrong every india known regarding this is wrong entry of black money list touch to Rajiv gandhi

      D. Sharma
      from Delhi

      1. Don’t be emotional (fool) now “Rajive Gandhi” is just a name being abused by his authorised hires you should not need there names told, so well known.Recall Res Rajiv jees last speech he said to the nation on his last election campaign meant ” I have identified few faces around me and will send them on there righteous place — let me have a chance to correct my mistakes ” And just after that he was assassinated .This was bad luck of Indian Nation but good for those ugly faces still behind curtain.

  15. To Socretes: In the west, you can not conduct business in fake names and false identity! It is Rajiv Gandhin son of Indira Gandhi!! This info. and info. on Congress Party money laundering through Iraq – Oil for Food Scam during Saddam Hussain’s regime and many more detail are all available in the west – well authenticated! In the west, if you falsify your identity, it is criminal and justice is disbursed very quickly – swift – guaranteed jail term!! Developed world, there is no lineancy for corruption and crime!! You can’t operate Swiss bank account in false name; if you do, accidental death would mean zero to decendants!?? Would Indira and Rajiv will be such fools???

  16. ye jo bharat ke andurani aatankwadi hai ab inka kya kia jaae jo is desh ko ander se kha gaeeeeeeee

  17. where the government persons have top listed black money there what will be happened ?
    No result found…..

    This is called ex-prim minister of India….

    Shale ko pahele goli or bom se ku nahi mara….
    anglo chorke gyea…… soniya

  18. Incredibly useful appreciate it, I’m sure your current subscribers would most likely want further reviews along these lines keep up the good work.

  19. UPA Government is a corrupted. UPA government against the black money, jan lokbal bil. This government is totally against the people those are fight corruption. for eg swami ramdev ji & anna hazera ji.

  20. Praboth Mehta name is start of the list and at the end as well. with different amount in the same bank… Is this authentic list… Where is Ambani brothers, TATA here…. are they clean?

  21. Save my India means, who will come to save, we have to act against corruption and do the needful to bring back those moneys to India.

  22. Please guys have some sense there no such thing published in Wikileaks !!
    This is just another Internet hoax campaign against the ruling party by some activist( Most probably from BJP :P)

  23. please pass this to your friends&neighbours as much as you can and help our country to grow..

    we must put forward our steps to stop curroption..

  24. Could you recall 1,- Soniya-Rajiv familly had so cordial and close relation with Amitabh-Ajitabh Bachchan at the time of “Bofors” .2,-Ajitabh Bachchan resides and has settled permanently at Switzerland, please correct me.

  25. sallo ko mat chodna chodaa to phir kaate g
    is baar shant bethne ka matlab h black money vapas nhi
    aane dege ye log.baat ente easy nhi h we need to stand for kurbaani.otherwise its very difficult to bring the our money back to our country.jai hind jai barat……….

  26. Total black money deposited/invested in all countries/ banks/industries should be disclose and their names must be published. This can be effected to awareness of the common man. The common man can only bring revolution to stop these activities.

  27. Even if one percent of the amounts is true, it constitutes the looting and pillaging of India like the colonists and Ghazni and scores of others did. We are a nation of ignorant indifferent,selfish, apathetic immoral people and we will continue to suffer this nonsense. We tolerate getting raped by our own people and do nothing collectively. There are guys stacking up their Swiss accounts by selling secrets to our horrible neighbor countries. This has gone on for ages. When shall we wake up? How many more pillages have to take place before do that?

  28. Pls save my India.
    Pls publish this report on news channel.
    We need our money back…
    Percentage on total deposits india at 1st position 56%…

  29. What about this news chainal why not publish yet now plzzzz publish it soon do your duty without fear. O god save my country from indian leader

  30. i like this information and this is usfully for my country. people think that do some think for our nation…..

  31. hamare desh ki janata andhi hai dekhne ye saale phir election ladenge aur jeet kar sansad me baithenge

  32. in kaale dhan walo ko pakdkar inse Rs. wapas lo or sampatti japt karo or inke body parto ko nikal kar jaruratmando ko de do. enko jail m daal kar desh ka anaay kyu khrab karna. sabse pahld gandhi pariwar ko or digvijay singh ko pakdo.

  33. Black Money in Swiss bank corporation its effecting global economy as well as Indian economy Global movement should be against black money in Swiss bank corporation

  34. According to BABA RAMDEV 400Lac Karor rupees black money of the corrupt indians are laying in out of the country. Yeh Paisa Bharat Ka Hai ise vapas lana hi hoga . Zinka yeh paia hai unhe Phansi Do.

  35. i want to all black money transfer in all indian poor people a/c in india by swiss bank directly . our india is greate , but sale desh ke chor sare politician ne desh ko dubne ke kagar pe hai. jis desh ka pradhanmantri tak chor ho kya hoga, aatank, gundagardi. berojgari, kuposan, aashiksha etc, mujhe rajiv gandhi ka 198000 cr swiss dwara display karna bahut dard dia rajiv bhi khandani chor nikle , ya prabhu is desh drohi ko kanoon to bachat hi hai apne bhi inhe safe aur secure kar rakha hai, aaj se sabhi ka god se nata toot jayege , lalu yadav ne mere mahan bihar ko jalil kia , marne ke bad , kya hoga is garib desh ka aur in jaise mahan choron ka .

  36. Hi everybody, this is our resposible to bring back black money to out mother lands so we should do something and everybody should wakeup then only my india is richest country in the world……..

  37. shame on these guys…dnt kno what they s guys gonna buy from this much amount..MOON OR MARS….peoples r living in slums, children s dnt have food to eat,no jobs………PEOPLE LIKE NEERA RADIA ND ALL GUYS IN LIST R EQUIVALENT TO GUYS LIKE KASAB…BASTARDS.

  38. please submit all the black money holdders in all indian news channels ,and india stands first place in the world. BE A PROUD OF INDIAN

  39. salon ki badan ko blade se kato aur inhi paiso se mirchi powder kharid kar usi ghao me maro….jo margaye hai unke bache aur biwi ko isi tarah maro…sale chale he hamare bharat mata ko lutne….chooooor salon

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