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Bol Bom date 2023 in Odisha – Bolbom odia dj song

Bol Bom in Odisha will begin from 10th July 2023 (Monday). Bolbom date is given here. Odia dj song or remix gita is compulsory in every Kanwar yatra.

On Sunday, thousands of Kanwariyas (Devotees of Bol Bom) flocked to various ghats to draw water from various rivers. On the first Monday (second Monday for some) of the auspicious Shravan month, worshippers will offer water to Lord Shiva in various Shiv temples throughout Odisha.

This year, the Shravan month will be supplemented by an additional month (known as Adhik Maas in Hindi and Joda Masa in the Odia calendar). It will begin on July 4 and last for 59 days till August 31.

As a result, there will be eight Mondays in Sharavan rather than four. However, not all eight Mondays will be observed. As a result, the first Bol Bom event and Shravan Monday begin on July 10. On August 28, the devotees will complete the Shravan Sombar Brata.

Mondays in Shravan Joda Masa

First Shravan MondayJuly 10
Second Shravan MondayJuly 17
Third Shravan MondayJuly 24
Fourth Shravan MondayJuly 31

Shravan month Somvar

First Shravan SomvarAugust 7
Second Shravan SomvarAugust 14
Third Shravan SomvarAugust 21
Fourth Shravan SomvarAugust 28

Bol bom or Kawariyas or Shiva devotees in saffron attires visit various Shiva temples in Odisha like Lingaraj, Akhandalamani, Kapilas, etc. Thousands of bolbom devotees visit Lingaraj temple in Bhubaneswar on the first Monday of Shravana.

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Thousands of such Bol bom devotees dressed in saffron colour attires walk all the way singing songs in praise of Lord Shiva. Many of them dress like God and many wear saffron T-shirts and shorts with animal prints.

Bol Bom devotees

It is known as Kawad yatra to offer Lord Shiva special prayers while also pouring holy water on him during the Srabana month. In order to show their devotion to Lord Shiva, the Kanwariyas perform different rituals at sacred riverbeds, including carrying water from the river while dressed in saffron. They also walk large distances on foot while chanting Lord Shiva’s name. They observe the month by forgoing shaving and only eating Satwik cuisine, which is entirely vegetarian and free of onion and garlic.

In view of the huge rush of devotees, the state government has implemented complex security measures at important Shiva shrines throughout the state, including the Lingaraj temple in Bhubaneswar, Lokanath temple in Puri, Dhabaleswar temple in Cuttack, and Kapilash in Dhenkanal district.

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