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CBSE Class X and XII exam 2014 date

Board examination timetable of Central Board of Secondary Education’s (CBSE) Class X and XII is already out. The exams for both the classes will begin on March 1. While the Class X exams will end on March 19, the Class XII exams will end on April 17.

Around 22.65 lakh students have registered for the 2014 CBSE board exam as compared to 21.76 lakh students registered last year for the 2013 CBSE boards. This increase in the number of registered students may be due to the increase in the number of schools that have joined the across the country.

Out of the total 13.25 lakh Class 10th students who have registered with CBSE, 7.29 lakh will attempt their respective School-Based examination while 5.96 lakh will appear for the external CBSE board based examination.
CBSE 2013
Officials at the CBSE office here said that they are getting several calls from anxious students and parents regarding exams. “The exam season have started and so have the number of calls. There are queries on the time table and if there is a possibility of changing of dates and others,” said a senior CBSE official.

Students are extra careful this time as their scores of Class XII will be calculated during the JEE Mains.

There are also a good number of students who will be taking board exams for the very first time as in Class X they opted for school-based board exams.

However, students of Class X appear relieved with their exam timetable, as their exams would be ending within 19 days.

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