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Ecotourism in Odisha set for a boost

The Odisha Eco-tourism Board on Wednesday decided that a priority list of top destinations will be drawn up so that the sites can be upgraded within the next few months. The destinations will be operated in PPP (Private-Public-Partnership) mode.

The Odisha Forest Development Corporation (OFDC), which has been mandated as nodal agency for eco-tourism in the State as per the Eco-tourism Policy, will play facilitator’s role.

The Board, chaired by Chief Secretary J K Mohapatra, said awareness will be created on eco-tourism through workshops. At present, there are 18 eco-tourism sites in the State. The meeting felt that potential of eco-tourism is immense in Odisha and emphasis should be on attracting nature lovers.

The state of Odisha with its rich natural and cultural heritage is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the country. The tourists, who know Odisha for its temples, crafts and dance, deserve greater exposure to its hinterland of hills, forest and wildlife. Well-endowed with vast forest areas, rivers, coast line, beaches, lakes and lagoon, the state provides unique opportunities for ecotourism in the state.
Ecotourism in Odisha
The Board said the Forest and Environment department will work in close coordination with hoteliers, restaurant owners, tour operators and NGOs in this regard. Eco-tourism Society of India president Mandip Singh Soin made a presentation on eco-tourism.

Appreciating the measures of the Government, he said Odisha is the third State to set up such a board after Madhya Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh.

The OFDC has already circulated a concept note for low impact eco-tourism besides setting up an eco-tourism cell in OFDC under the Director, Commercial. It is also developing a website for eco-tourism.

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