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OCAC to develop software for cyber cafes

The Information and Technology (IT) Department has instructed the Odisha Computer Application Centre (OCAC) to develop an online application software for registration of cyber cafes.

The application will enable the cyber cafe owners to apply for the permit online.

After receipt of the online application, the officials of registration agency from that locality can access the information provided by the cyber cafe owner.

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology had issued a notification in 2012 that mandated the registration of the cyber cafes, new and old.

In another detailed notification, it was mentioned that every cyber cafe has to be provided with a unique registration number by a registration agency.
Cyber Cafe in Odisha
A physical verification by the registration agency is compulsory only after which the approval is provided. With the application going live, the approvals can also be issued online. This will make the work, both for the applicant and the agency, easier.

An online database of all the cyber cafes in the State will be created with the help of the application. “The State’s database will then be linked to the Central Government’s database,” said an OCAC official.

The IT Department has presently assigned the Collector and the District Magistrates to work as the registration authorities for the cyber cafes.

The Commissionerate Police will act as the registration agency for the cyber cafes in Khurda and Cuttack districts. (Source – New Indian Express)

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