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Odissi Dance Songs Videos

Watch Odissi songs sung by Shyamamani Devi in high quality here. Odissi music is a classical music in India originated from the eastern state of Odisha. Odissi music got shaped during the time of Jayadeva, famous Oriya poet who composed lyrics meant to be sung.

Odissi Dance Songs

Odissi songs were written even before the Odia language developed. Odissi music has a rich legacy dating back to the 2nd century BC, when king Kharvela, the ruler of Odisha patronized this music and dance. Jayadeva, the saint-poet, the great composer and illustrious master of classical music has immense contribution to Odissi music. During his time Odra-Magadhi style music got shaped and achieved its classical status.(Source – Wikipedia)

Odissi Dance Songs Videos by Shyamamani Devi

Odissi Dance Songs Free Download – Odissi Songs

Odissi Dance Songs Videos

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