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Oriya Blue CD Film Shop seized by Police

oriya blue cd film
Oriya Blue CD Film Shop

Khurda District News : In one of the biggest hauls of blue films and pirated CDs in the state, police on Thursday seized about two thusand blue film CDs (including oriya blue cd), equal number of blank CDs, twelve thousand pirated CDs, CD manufacturing equipment and other materials during raids conducted simultaneously at three places of Khurda City.

One important news is that 500 blue cds and 10,000 pirated cds are raided from a shop at 50 meter distance from the Town Thana (Police Station).

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  1. The police are the main culprits … They take the oriya blue cds daily from the shop, not paying any rent … This is just for showing the people that police is doing its work … Damn people …

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