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Raja Festival 2012 in Orissa

Raja Festival Orissa 2012

Raja Festival 2012 Odisha

Raja Parba also known as Mithun Sankranti. Raja is a festival of four days. It falls in mid June. First day is called Pahili Raja, second day is Raja Sankranti, third day is Bhudaha or Basi Raja and the fourth day is called Vasumati Snana, in which the ladies bath the grinding stone. The day before first day is called Raja Sajabaja or preparatiory day during which the house, kitchen including grinding stones are cleaned.

14 June – Prathama Raja
15 June – Raja Sankranti
16 June – Bhudaha
17 June – Basumati Snana

Raja Sankranti Celebration & Rituals

During Raja festival, women and girls take rest from work and wear new Saree, Alaktaka and ornaments. People don’t walk barefoot on earth. Generally various Pithas are made of which Podopitha and Chakuli Pitha are common. People play a lot of indoor and outdoor games. Girls play swings tied on tree branches whereas aged ladies play Cards and Ludo. Many villages organise Kabbadi matches among young men.

Raja Festival Celebration in Odisha Video

Raja Gita (song)

” Banaste dakila Gaja,
Barasake thare aasichhi Raja,
Asichi raja lo
Gheni nua sajabaja ”

Raja Festival Wallpaper, Photo, Image of girls Swinging

Raja Festival Wallpaper

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