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Watch Rajarani Music Festival 2013 Live

Like every year, Rajarani Music Festival started in the beautiful courtyard of the Rajarani Temple in Bhubaneswar from yesterday (18 January) and it will be held for three days upto 20th January 2013.

It is one such occasion to celebrate the richness and originality of Indian classical music. Evening concerts by great maestros of Indian Classical music will fill the air with enchanting chimes. When these experts play on their musical instruments the listeners get captivated by the soul-lifting music.

Stalwarts of Carnatic music M Balamuralikrishnan, Dr L Subramaniam and wife Kavita Krishnamurthy will perform at Rajarani festival this year. The stage is set for the three-day musical extravaganza to be hosted at the sprawling lawns of Rajarani temple which will end on January 20.
Rajarani Music Festival 2013
The 18 Jan evening’s first programme was Odissi Vocal recital in Raganga phase by eminent singer Shyamamani Devi on the song Kali Kahinki Naela Shyama Nagara written by poet Banamali set to Rag Kalyani and Tala Ektali. This was followed by Champu a typical Odissi song Phati Padibara Nikunja Sansara written by Kavisurya Baladev Rath. Her next presentation was the song Lajare Sarigali Aaja written by poet Dijwaraja followed by the song Tara Chhaiti Chataki Marere Sanginiku in Natyangi and Chhanda Duti Kara Dhari Hari Boile Kisori written by poet Abhimanyu Samantasinghar. She ended her programme with an Astapadi from Gitagovinda Posyati Dishi Dishi Rahasi Bhabantam set to Rag Bhairavi and Tala Ektali. She was accompanied in Mardala by Guru Janardana Das, on Violin Divyadarshan Biswal and on flute Sudarsan Das. The different renditions of Odissi Music were indeed very melodious and emotive. Shyamamani mesmerized the audiences by her mellifluous voice which regaled the audience till the end of her programme.

Second programme was Mandolin recital by the famous Mandolin player U Srinivas who delineated different Rags starting from Hanshadhwani with Aditala and define in a distinct tonal colour with melody. The highly complex Carnatic music lent a peculiar suppleness to the western nuances and combined effect was pleasing and arresting. The different compositions blended with melody and rhythm gave a total effect which was very soothing and melodious. The beauty and vitality of every melody type expressed the inherent Rasa and Bhava in the mandolin. The programme was highly appreciated by the audiences who were deeply engrossed till the end. He was accompanied on Violin by V.V. Shrinivas Rao, on Mrudangam Madori Mangalam S. Swaminatham and on Ghattam Tirchi K. Murli.

The dignitaries who graced the inaugural function were Ashok Kumar Tripathy, IAS, Principal Secretary, Tourism & Culture Department, Shri H. S. Upadhyay, IFS, Director, Tourism and Shri Sunil Kumar Das, Director, Culture.

The musical recitations were thematically and beautifully captured on the canvas by the great painter Baladev Maharatha. The festival till 1st day witnessed 1627 domestic and 31 foreign audiences. The programme was conducted by Smt. Sadhna Shrivastava and Er. Shrinivas Ghatuari.

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