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Rakhi Purnima 2023 in Odisha date – Odia essay, rachana

Rakhi Purnima will be celebrated on 30th August 2023 (Wednesday) in Odisha. Raksha Bandhan date is also the same. Check Rakhi Purnima Odia essay (rachana) below.

rakhi purnima odia essay rachana

The practice of tying rakhis on the wrists of brothers this day is only a recent phenomenon in the Odia community as imitated from the north Indian communities.

Originally in Odisha, this day marks the worship of Lord Balabhadra. Bullocks and cows are also worshipped by smearing sindur marks on their head. The youngsters gather in the streets and demonstrate a traditional high jumping skill called Gamha Dian.

Rakhi Purnima is celebrated in Shravana month during full moon day or Purnima day.

The day which has become the cynosure of brotherhood is celebrated around the world, with the rays of love and affection blooming in it. Rakhi festival is not only a ceremony of tying rakhi but it has moreover transited into the trust and love which a sister ties on her brother’s wrist and hope that this hand will always hold her in every ups and downs of life.

The best time to tie Rakhi on Rakhi Purnima is during Aparahan, which is late afternoon according to the Hindu division of the day. If Aparahan time is not available then Pradosh time is also suitable to perform rituals related to Raksha Bandhan.

In Mumbai, the Rakhi festival is called Narial Purnima or coconut full moon and Keralean people called the occasion the Avani Avittam. Every region has its own names and ways of enjoying the occasion but the real spirit of the day enlivens every part, which swabs the true color in the mirage of India.

According to Bengali Culture and Celebration, in the state of West Bengal (India), this day is also called Jhulan Purnima. Prayers and puja of Lord Krishna and Radha are performed there. Sisters tie rakhi to Brothers and bestow immortality. Political Parties, Offices, Friends, Schools colleges, and streets to Palace celebrate this day with a new hope for a good relationship. Brahmins in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Konkan, and Odisha change their sacred threads on the same day (Janayu, called as Poonal in Tamil, Jandhyam in Sanskrit).

Rituals like Rakhi, there is no doubt, help ease out various societal strains, induce fellow feeling, open up channels of expression, give us an opportunity to rework our role as human beings and, most importantly, bring joy in our mundane lives. Enjoy Rakhi Purnima 2023!

Rakhi Purnima

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