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Subsidy on Solar Home Lighting System by OREDA

Solar Home Lighting System OREDA

Solar Home Power System

Electrification through solar energy will not only ensure better electricity supply but also bring relief from load shedding. The Odisha Renewable Energy Development Agency (OREDA) is encouraging people by providing subsidy for installing the home solar power system.

Solar Home Lighting System or Solar Photovoltaic Domestic Lighting System is a solar-powered fixed light system, which gives omni-directional and pure white light. It looks works on the principle of Solar Photovoltaic and while having no energy costs has the additional benefits over other SPV Lighting Systems.

For one kilowatt power plant the capital cost was Rs. 2.5 lakh and the consumer’s cost is Rs. 1.7 lakh after the subsidy of Rs 80,000. There is a person in Bhubaneswar who has installed a seven KW power plant with huge subsidy from the government.

The solar power supply system is quite successful in interior areas of the state where electricity has not reached so far. During the day, the power plant light the house and during night, the converter takes over and powers the house by drawing power from the batteries

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