Fancy numbers for vehicles in Odisha to be auctioned online

Fancy numbers for vehicles in Odisha will be auctioned online from January 7.

The state government hopes to generate more revenue through the auction of fancy number plates. And bring transparency into allotment procedure of fancy vehicle registration numbers.

The transport commissioner will reserve the fancy registration number and notify the number in local paper for auction. The department has identified 423 numbers between 1 and 9999 categories as ‘fancy numbers’.

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high security number plate

According sources, the fancy numbers will be auctioned under four categories. For the first category the base price has been fixed at Rs 1 lakh, while the base prices of the second, third and fourth category has been fixed at Rs 60, 000, Rs 40,000 and 20,000-10,000 respectively.

Earlier, the Commerce and Transport department has issued a draft notification seeking changes to the Section 14 of the Motor Vehicle Rule – 1914.

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Sources said, the fancy numbers will be auctioned under four categories.The minimum bid price for a two wheel fancy number will be Rs 10,000 and for a four wheel it will be Rs 20,000. The minimum bidding price for very special number like 1-9 (single digit) will be Rs 1 lakh, while double digit numbers and series numbers would be Rs 60,000, while other fancy numbers will be sold at Rs 40,000.

Through these auctions, the State government will be able to generate more revenue, informed Commerce and Transport Ramesh Majhi.

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