French girls dancing on ‘Dalkhai re’ Sambalpuri folk song in Paris

Sambalpuri folk song ‘Dalkhai re’ has become a major hit among french students and it is very heartening to see the french girls shaking a leg to the foot-tapping beats of it and enjoying themselves.

Odissi dance guru Saswat Joshi has travelled to Paris for conducting a workshop in the Odisha cultural week. The workshop conducts a variety of dance forms from Odisha and the french students are absolutely smitten by the Dalkhai dance.

“These students love singing the Dalkhai song and each one of them love the new form of dance. Even though the language is difficult for them to understand they enjoy it when I translate and laugh a lot when they understand the meaning . They have started calling each other Dalkhai after I explained that in Sambalpur young girls lovingly call each other in this name,” said Saswat Joshi.

It is said that dance has got no barriers and the blending of two cultures via the Indian classical and folk dances is proof enough of this beautiful bonding.

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Watch french girls dancing to the tune of ‘Dalkhai re’ song video here.

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