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Hair Transplant Centre opened at SUM Hospital in Bhubaneswar

SUM Hospital in Bhubaneswar has recently opened a Hair Transplant Centre at its Burn, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Department.

Hair transplant is being done in the Centre at affordable prices. A person can get hair on his head within six-to-eight hours. The transplant is done through six microscope machines at a time.

For this, the patient is neither administered any anesthesia nor given any medicine to eat. The hair transplant is painless and being conducted by specially trained experts. The patient needs to be admitted in the SUM hospital.

The patient not only gets prompt cure but also begins to smile as new hairs grow after the transplant. Now the Hair Transplant Centre has new developed machines, test lab, special surgery unit and B-ICU.

The Hair Transplant Centre would certainly help much to patients having baldness problem, said the patient relation department of the SUM hospital.

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