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Hara Patnaik passed away in Bhubaneswar

Legendary Odia actor and director Hara Patnaik passed away in a private hospital of Bhubaneswar at 12.40 pm today. He was 56.

Patnaik’s condition had been deteriorating for the last one and a half years during which he spent most of his time in the hospital. The veteran actor, whose blood group was the rare B Negative, needed frequent doses of blood platelets in these one and a half years.

After successfully battling blood cancer, Hara Patnaik, was back in movies with a bang. Om Sai Ram, was his first film since his recovery in 2012 hit the theatres. Later, he acted in Zee Kalinga’s serial Mo Jejemaa.

Hara Patnaik dead body photo

As a director, he gave several upcoming actors their first break in cinema. Among those who made it big in Ollywood after getting a break under him are stars like Anubhav Mohanty, Babushan Mohanty and Sabyasachi Mishra.

Hara Patnaik dead

As an actor, Hara Patnaik’s first film was Sahari Bagha (1985) and as a director Daiba Daudi (1990).

Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan condoled the death of Hara Patnaik.

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  1. The real hero of ollywood in no more..but still he lives in heart of every people..and his most talked famous moments and dialogues beeps in our memory…i hope god choose him…we should pray for the odia legend

  2. really,hara bhai is the perfect acters of ollywood idustries.
    hara bhai amar rahe.

  3. Saddest……it is really a heart ache to all HARA Lovers…..I m 1 among…… Amar rahe Hara Bhai

  4. What ever comment will put…..HARA PATTANAIK ( THE LEGEND ) will not come….really a heartache

  5. My heartiest respect to great actor…..I want to express my warm condolence…R I P

  6. My heartiest respect to this great actor…..I want to express my warm condolence…R I P

  7. Really we the people of odisha lost such a film actor who have living with culture of odisha

  8. Satare mu bahut duhkhi…ama odia film industry ra jane ROYAL★STAR aji sabu odisha basi tatha entire Odisha chhadi sansara ra bada kalakara nka atipriya hoigale..
    mane pade sei puruna dialogue sabu…
    Bhagaban nka pakhare mora etiki prarthana………sei Mahatma nka atmaku santi o sadgati milu….

  9. Hara uncle u r the super hero of our ollywood industry,i luv u alot..and i am missing u alot…

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