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Hello Arsi odia movie trailer of Prakruti Mishra, Partha Sarathi Ray

Odia movie “Hello Arsi” won three National awards, including one for the best dialogue, at the 65th National Film Awards announced recently. If you’ve not seen its trailer, then watch it below.

It has won the Best Odia Film Award along with actress Prakruti Mishra winning Special Mention in the film and Best Dialogue. Unfortunately, the director and dialogue writer of the film, Sambit Mohanty, succumbed to brain stroke a few months ago. He had conceptualised, written the story and screenplay of the film.

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While announcing Special Mention Category of the National Awards, chairman of the central panel, Sekhar Kapur, could not contain his excitement about Odia movie Hello Arsi. “You won’t believe among the special mention is an Odia film. It is called ‘Hello Arsi’. One of the best performances by a girl, I have seen for a long time,” he said.

He was not only bowled over by Ollywood actress Prakruti Mishra’s brilliant performance, the storyline of the movie equally impressed him. Speaking highly of the movie, he said, “If I try to make this (film), I will fail. I have never seen a film like this, whether in Cannes, Berlin or anywhere in India.”

Kapur said no film in the world has ever been made in this style. “What sets it apart is its storytelling technique. There were other great movies too. After a lot of argument, we decided to give it to ‘Hello Arsi’, specially for the performance of the female lead,” he said.

Heaping praises on Prakruti, he further said,”In the whole movie, she is seen talking to different characters, but actually she is speaking to the mirror (Arsi), herself. It is like she is examining the whole life, while different characters are used.”

Prakruti and Partha Sarathi Ray have played the lead pair in the film ‘Hello Arsi’, jointly produced by Ajay Routray and Sambit Mohanty, who also directed it.

Hello Arsi odia movie

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