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High security registration number plates for Odisha vehicles

High security registration number plates, which can check the theft of vehicles, are set to be introduced in Odisha soon.

Taking note of the gross misuse of the number plates by criminals, the state government had decided to replace them with the high security registration plate (HSRP) as these number plates cannot be tampered.

HSRP will be highly useful in containing crime. It cannot be changed by the user. It can only be replaced by RTO approved agencies after getting the nod of the RTO in case of a broken plate. This also is going to cost the consumers less than the present number plates do.

high security number plate

The owners need to submit Rs 150-200 for two-wheelers and Rs 300-350 for four-wheelers at the time of registration to receive it. Similarly, the older vehicles can get it done from the RTO, failing which they would be fined.

All relevant details of a vehicle would be displayed on the computer screen when it passes through a toll gate or is put on a scanner.

The State Government intends to start implementation of HSRP within two months and make it mandatory for every vehicle playing on the roads in the state capital by the end of this year.

The tender for the HSRP, which had failed to be completed twice in the past five years, has been floated again. The state government had floated the tender for HSRP twice in 2010 and 2012.

But only one bid remained after scrutiny as the rest were cancelled for some reason or the other. As the single tender was opposed by the government, the matter went to the Odisha High Court after which the entire process was scrapped.

Naveen Patnaik

“The government had formed a new committee, which submitted its report to the Transport department after examining the earlier bid documents. It had also given its suggestions on floating the new tender. The file has finally been approved after getting stuck in the Transport Department for three months and the new tender call notice has been issued,” said a senior officer of State Transport Department.

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