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Hirakud dam inauguration by Jawaharlal Nehru rare video

Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru inaugurated Hirakud dam on 13 January 1957. You can watch Odisha’s Hirakud dam inauguration video below.

On 15 Mar 1946, Sir Hawthrone Lewis, the Governor of Odisha, laid the foundation stone of the Hirakud Dam. A project report was submitted to the government in June 1947. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru laid the first batch of concrete on 12 April 1948.

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The total cost of the project was Rs 1000.2 millions in 1957. Power generation along with agricultural irrigation started in 1956, achieving full potential in 1966.

Hirakud Dam built on Mahanadi River is the longest major earthen dam in Asia. The overall length of the main dam is 4.8 km, and the total length is 25.8km with dam and dykes taken together.

Nehru Hirakud dam inauguration

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  1. Hirakud Dam ,the longest earthen dam in Asia is the pride of Odisha.It has already proven as s boon for the people of Odisha in general &Western Odisha in particular.It is a multi purpose dam serving the people of Odisha in many ways.I feel proud of this dam.

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