Humane Sagar and Antara in Ambika Khudinka Handisala

Singers Humane Sagar and Antara Chakraborty invited in Tarang TV show “Ambika Khudinka Handisala” episode 49.

Both said that their family members are singers, composers and lyricists in All India Radio to Ambika Khudi (Snigdha Mohanty).

Humane Sagar sang ‘Ishq Hai Tu Hi Tu’ and ‘Prema Hei Jayere’ song from ‘Something Something 2’. Antara sang ‘Neijare Megha Mote’ serial title song and ‘Bhija Bhija Kuhudi Tale’ song from ‘Jagu Autobala’ film.

Humane Sagar and Antara Chakraborty singers

Haladhara prepared two delicious dishes – Methi Roti and Maka Jhal Fry for Antara Chakraborty and Humane Sagar.

Watch Ambika Khudinka Handisala episode 49 video here.

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