Humane Sagar’s first hindi song ‘Chala Hun Raahe Kai’ music video

Talented odia singer Humane Sagar sang his first hindi song and music video of the beautiful romantic track, Chala Hun Raahe Kai, released online.

The music for the song is given by Khirod Subodh, lyrics written by Ronak Sharma, directed, edited and DOP managed by Happy and it stars Subhasis Sharma, Sushma, Alok Das.

Author Jubanashwa Mishra has taken up a unique way of introducing his book ’28 Jobs 28 Weeks 28 States’ to the readers and released this music video on theme of his book.

The traditional format of putting forward a story to the audience, at least when it comes to fiction writing, involves the author penning down his work and launching the book through an open platform.

However, new age authors are finding innovative ways to reach their audience by introducing their literary pieces through creative channels. Author Jubanashwa Mishra is one such young writer who has taken up a unique way of introducing his books to the readers.

Coming from an engineering background, Mishra undertook an awe-inspiring journey with the hope of finding the love of his life. Sharing the story of his journey through a book titled 28 Jobs 28 Weeks 28 States, Mishra talks about a crowd-funded expedition that he undertook. The journey was spread across 28 weeks through 28 cities, working through 28 jobs.

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