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Humans must leave Earth in 100 years to survive: Stephen Hawking

Professor Stephen Hawking said – humans will need to colonise another planet within the next 100 years to survive climate change, asteroid strikes and overpopulation.

The astrophysicist has recently finished filming a new documentary called ‘Expedition New Earth’ for the BBC in which he theorises that humans needs to escape Earth, according to the Telegraph.

In the series, Hawking claims that time is running out for the Earth and humanity will need to leave the planet for its survival.

Last month, Hawking had warned that the aggressive instincts of humans, coupled with the fast pace of growth in technology may destroy us all by nuclear or biological war, adding that only a ‘world government’ may prevent this impending doom.

Hawking had said that humans may lack the skills as a species to stay alive. The prediction from Hawking is smaller than what he has previously believed.

In November last year, the astrophysicist said he believes humans have 1,000 years left on the planet. Professor Hawking said: “Perhaps one day we will be able to use gravitational waves to look back into the heart of the Big Bang.

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Humans must leave Earth in 100 years

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