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Husband tortured wife for not surrendering to Sarathi Baba

A newly-married woman on Tuesday filed an FIR alleging that her husband tortured her for not going inside Sarathi Baba’s room at the Barimula ashram in Kendrapara to seek his ‘blessings’.

In her FIR at the Nikirai police station in Kendrapara district, the woman stated that on the fourth day of their marriage in January this year, her husband took her to Barimula Ashram to get the blessings of Sarathi. She also alleged that her in-laws had also been forcing her to visit Sarathi.

“When we visited him, the Baba gave me a saree and sankhas (bangles). After that my husband went outside leaving me inside the room alone and asking me to stay there for some time. I felt a little awkward when the Baba’s associates insisted that I must go inside the Baba’s chamber to get his blessings,” the woman told the media.

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“I could not wait for more time and phoned my husband. When he arrived, he too forced me to go inside the Baba’s chamber for seeking wellbeing. But I protested and returned home,” she added.

The newly-wed woman alleged that her husband has been subjecting her to physical and mental torture since the incident. Her in-laws are also hand in gloves with him, she added.

It may be mentioned that the woman got married on January 18 this year.

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“I had filed a written complaint in this matter on August 12, but it was not accepted. I again went to the police station today to file my complaint,” she said.

Notably, her statement was recorded under Section 164 of Cr PC after the police personnel took her to the court of Kendrapara first-class judicial magistrate (JMFC).

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